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Truckloads of Small Appliances

$5,371.63 $5,364.80

We have a contracted direct virgin returns program for small appliances. This is an ongoing offer and we are looking for buyers to take truckloads. This will be a consistent supply.


What condition? Clean direct virgin returns. See Pictures of some current trucks in our warehouse.

How direct are they? Per the contract we are obligated to have our trailers docked daily at the returns warehouse to ship immediately to us as they are filled.

Availability? 10-14 Truckloads PER month will flow to our warehouse.

Quantity Per Truckload? 160-180 Units Unmanifested (We have a sample manifest we can share which shows previous loads however the trucks will vary) We will not be manifesting due to the quantity of truckloads coming into our warehouse.

Type of Product
Each Truckload is mixed of the following:
Upright Freezers
Mini Fridges
Chest Freezers
Beverage Counters
Water Dispensers
Wine Centers
Portable Washers

Mixed – Stainless, Black, White, and more

All loads will be similar and we will sell them unmanifested.

Please call us at (800) 757-0585, (330) 333-3777 or email at


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