Infinity Investments

Infinity Investments 

We have launched a new revolutionary way to get a stake in the closeout business! 

You don't need to spend any time or effort, we do it all. All you need to do is wait 30-45 days for a nice return on your investment.

We currently have investment options starting at only $4,000.

Here's how it works.... 

You invest $4,000 and we assign you 17 pallets. You own the merchandise! We organize and assign each pallet a custom tracking number, we stage the inventory, we house the inventory, we advertise the inventory, we sell the inventory, and we fulfill the inventory. All you need to do is sit back and wait. 

For every pallet we sell you earn a $50 ROI. So in this example your earnings would be  $850 once all 17 pallets have sold. We are contracted to sell your pallets within 30-45 days. (New Investments) Existing investments are still 30 days. 

What if all my pallets don't sell you may ask... Well we have three options. 

1.) You extend your contract and have us continue to sell them. 
2.) We buy them back at your principal cost. 
3.) You can take possession of the pallets. After all they are yours. 

We also have investment options that yield $75 and $100 returns per pallet. 

Contact us for additional details.... 

(800) 757-0585 Ext: 700 or email



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