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How do we see inventory that is being offered by Infinity Remarketing Services?

This is a great question. You can view our offers in a variety of ways. The most common way to stay up to date with our offers is to subscribe to our mailing list. We send out daily inventory offers. Following our Facebook page is also a great way to stay informed of new offers, news, and special offers. We also share a tremendous amount of photos, videos, and information on the various programs. Lastly, we advise you pickup the phone and speak with one of our Account Executives about your inventory needs. We urge you to inform our Account Executives exactly what you are looking for. There are many programs that can not be shared via Facebook, and or the mailing list. You will hear of exclusive product offerings if you call in. Our phone number is (800) 757-0585 Ext: 2.

Do I need to have a Vendors License and Federal EIN number to purchase?

If you reside outside the state of Ohio you do not need to have a Vendors License, and or Federal EIN number. If you live in the state of Ohio and do not have a Vendors License you can still purchase however you will be subject to a 7.25% Sales Tax.

Do I need to sign up to buy from Infinity Remarketing Services?

You do not need to sign up or enroll to purchase from Infinity Remarking Services.

What are your payment methods?

Infinity Remarketing Services accepts Wire Transfer, Behalf (2% Processing Fee), Fundbox, and all major credit cards. Please note that all credit card transactions will be assessed a 3.5% processing fee.

Can I arrange my own freight?

You may arrange your own freight provided the offer does not mandate that the retailer arranges freight. This will vary from offer to offer. Please read the details of the offer for more information.

Can Infinity Remarking Services arrange freight for me?

Most of our clients prefer that we handle the freight on their behalf. We work with the largest freight brokers in the country to ensure that you are getting the lowest rate around. In many cases clients can’t even come close to the prices that we provide. We never mark up freight, and only use accredited carriers.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

In many cases you will receive your order within 72 hours of remitting payment. This can change based on how far the product has to move. East Coast to West Coast can take up to 7 days. Other factors will play a role into the delivery time as well. (Rail, OTR, and etc.) Everything will be fully disclosed prior to any payments being remitted. We don’t like surprises and we are sure you don’t either.

Is there a return policy?

All sales are final. There are no refunds, returns, exchanges, or credits given. Everything is sold AS-IS, WERE-IS, With no warranties implied or expressed. Unless otherwise stated in writing between both parties.

Were does the product ship from?

nfinity Remarketing Services has a vast network of retailers, manufacturers, and partner reps that ensure the product is being sourced as close to the source as possible. In many cases 99% of the product will ship directly from the retailers customer return center. Or direct from the manufacturer. There are cases at which the product will be shipped from our location. We do this so clients can mix and match programs/retailers and try multiple products on one truckload. This product me to us directly from the retailer center though. We do not break down, cherry pick, and or alter any pallets/truckloads. They are sold exactly as we receive them

Does Infinity Remarking Services have any retail operations?

Infinity Remarketing Services does not participate in an retail sales. We do not sell online, we do not sell in stores, all we do is sell in bulk. We sell case lots, pallets, pallet lots, and full truckloads. We have no reason to compete with our clients. We want our clients to have the best product for themselves. After all the more you make the more you buy. We are committed to long term relationships. We are not interested in selling you only one load. Partner with us and see why our clients stay with us for all their inventory acquisition needs.

What is Infinity Assets?

Infinity Assets is a new innovative way to participate in the closeout market with limited skin in the game. All you do is front some cash, and Infinity does all the work. You can invest as little as $5,000 and Infinity will purchase product on your behalf and also sell that product on your behalf. You can expect to see returns between 13%-16% within 30-45 days. We suggest you call (800) 757-0585 Ext: 3 and speak with an Investment Representative. They will go over all the details and different investment options with you. We would like to point out that there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK INVOLVED with our investments. You can never lose money with us…. Have we got your attention yet? Call now!

What is the procedure for offering Infinity Remarking Services products, closest, and etc?

Infinity Remarketing Services has a huge network of buyers, and we can often liquidate product very quickly. We are always interested in purchasing closeouts, shelf pulls, overstock, customer returns, and salvage inventory. If your company has product to move please send us an email to with the following information:

Offer Description


Retail Value:

Wholesale Value:


Expiration Dates if Applicable

Photos/ Video

Manifest if Applicable

The more information that we have the better. If we don’t buy it, you can have us sell it on your behalf. Did I mention our service is COMPLETELY FREE!

If you have further questions please feel free to contact or call (800) 757-0585 Ext 700.